Refraction Units

F.I.S.O.’s main objective, when designing a new refraction unit, is to develop a product that allows specialists to work in a complete and functional manner, without fatigue. This is why refraction units by F.I.S.O. can totally satisfy all needs of the most exigent customers, in terms of both technical and ergonomic features, functionality, comfort and design.

All refraction units by F.I.S.O. are made entirely of steel and wood, providing with great stability, sturdiness and reliability. The useful anti-dust foldaway drawer for ophthalmoscope and skiascope, present on most ophthalmic units by F.I.S.O., as well as the special drawer for trial lenses, present on some units and sited in the proper position for users’ best comfort, are a clear evidence of F.I.S.O.’s meticulous attention to every detail.

All refraction units by F.I.S.O. can be equipped with the whole range of ophthalmic chairs by F.I.S.O., available in several colours of upholstery. Most models of refraction units are also available in left-handed version.

F.I.S.O.’s production processes, characterised by the use of both modern machineries and innovative technology, together with the careful attention to all details in every production phase, provide refraction units by F.I.S.O. with a high level of quality, resulting in a long lasting product reliability.